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ATTENTION Atlanta Actors!!!! 

4 Hour Live In Person On Camera Workout with James DuMont & Archetype & Career Workshop with Selena Anduze 


Monday July 15th-6 pm till 10 pm EST


Frat Pack Productions

620 Kentucky St, Scottdale, GA 30079

How it works. 

You will do your 1st Take On Camera, then I will give you a Note(s) or Adjustment(s) & then you will do a 2nd take On Camera. 

Once you are done, Selena Anduze will then step in & work with you on your Essences & Archetypes based on your work. I think you will find it Informative & Empowering. 

We will not have time to watch Playback on site, so you will get a link to your work later. 

Our goal with these Live On Camera Workouts is to prepare you for taking General or Specific Notes & Direction in real time, on the spot. This will prepare you for working On Set & you will learn how to strengthen your On Camera  Fundamentals & work within the frame. 

All the Participant spots are currently SOLD OUT, however we do have Limited Observers spots open at this point.


$100.00 to Observe

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What my On Camera Workouts are all about?

My On Camera Workouts are about the actor's process. Understanding the actor's Responsibility & contribution to the collaborative process of auditioning for film, television and theater. I will help you implement audition and self taping techniques from my 40 years experience. If you want be a Working Actor, learn directly from a Working Actor.

How it Works

You can either Participate or Observe. Participants will be sent Current Film & TV Audition material to prepare. You should however prepare the material as you would a Real audition.
If you are an Observer you will be sent a Zoom link. We do this for security purposes so we know who we are admitting into Zoom. You do not need to prepare anything.

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​2024 Session Info

We viewed over 4,000 Self Taped Auditions in Session.

If your Goal is to learn to fine tune your Self Taped Auditions through Consistent Repetition, Playback & Feedback, then we suggest our:

Our Monday Funday Creative Content Lab is On Fire!! 

It’s “Pay What You Can or It’s Worth to You!” Via Venmo later.

Monday's 7-10 pm CST.

It’s FREE to Sign Up on Zoom:

Monday Funday is a place to Create, Get Feedback, Act, Expand, Develop & find Fellow Collaborators for the Projects you want to Develop & Perform. Show up & be Cast in a Read Aloud of the 4 Features & 6 TV Pilots we are developing. 10 Projects & Counting! I can also give you a Writing Assignment or if you have a Short, Feature Film or TV Pilot you want read aloud? This is the place.

On Camera Lunch/Crunch! 

It’s Drop In & Drop Out!

It’s 2 hours & Only 6 Participant Spot & plenty of Observers. 

Participate by Uploading Up to 2 Self Tapes or Demo Reels to get Feedback, Notes or Adjustments.

Participants will be sent 5 Current Film & TV Audition Scenes.

Pick 1 of our 5 Scenes to Prep, Shoot & Upload before Session for Feedback.

$40 to Participate

To Participate Click Here:

Only $20 to Observe:

Wednesday Daytime

9 am till 11 am PST

11 am till 1 pm CST & Noon-2 pm EST! All on Zoom.

If your Goal is to Master On Camera Fundamentals with a Step by Step approach to Craft out a more competitive Self Tape Audition, then we suggest our:

On Camera Core Labs


Every Wednesday from 5 pm till 8 pm PST or 7-10 pm CST or 8-11 pm EST. 

Our TV Core Lab Cycle 

Wednesday's July 10th till July 31st

July 2024 1/2 Hour TV Comedy Core Lab will focus on Season 3 Episode of 

"The Righteous Gemstones"

RSVP Link at the Bottom

Core-1-Extensive Script Analysis!

Everything you need to know is On The Page. 

Who am I? Where am I? How do I Feel? & What do I want? This Core Lab is dedicated to Script Analysis.

Core-2-The 1st Moment is Everything! 

Auditions are Won or Lost within the 1st 10-30 Seconds of a Self Taped Audition. What is your 1st Emotional Moment? What is the 3 Act Structure of the scene? This Core Lab is dedicated to the arc of your On Camera Performance.

Core 3-Mastering the Frame!*

How Do I Create a World within the Frame? Who are my Primary & Secondary Eye Lines & Why? This Core Lab is dedicated to understanding how to maximize the Entire Frame.

Core 4-Creating Worlds on the 4th Wall!!*

How do I create pictures, images & places on the other side of the Camera? How do I bring Nouns to Life with a Specific Point of Focus? This Core Lab is dedicated to bring the Scene To Life.

*These Labs will require you to be 100% Off Book & Submit a Self Tape for Playback & Feedback All Core Labs are limited to Only 12 Participants & Unlimited Observers.

To Schedule & Participate Click here:

To Schedule & Observe Click here:

All our Sessions & Labs are Drop In & Drop Out, you do not have to fully commit to all Labs or Workouts. Come & Learn as you wish. 

Other Services we provide:

Private One On One Coaching 

Off Camera Reader & Coach for your Auditions via Zoom

Viewing your Self Tapes for Feedback

Creating a Career Blueprint 

Implementing a Quarterly Career Action Plan. 

1 Hour Spots from 10 am till 2 pm CST & 30 mins Spots from 2-5 pm CST

To Schedule Click here & Scroll down to Privates

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