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What my On Camera Workouts are all about?

My On Camera Workouts are about the actor's process. Understanding the actor's Responsibility & contribution to the collaborative process of auditioning for film, television and theater. I will help you implement audition and self taping techniques from my 40 years experience. If you want be a Working Actor, learn directly from a Working Actor.

How it Works

You can either Participate or Observe Participants will be sent 2-3 pages of Current Film & TV Audition material to prepare. You should however prepare the material as you would a Real audition.
If you are an Observer you will be sent a Zoom link. We do this for security purposes so we know who we are admitting into Zoom. You do not need to prepare anything.

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​2023 Session Info

If your Goal is to learn to fine tune your Self Taped Auditions through Consistent Repetition, Playback & Feedback, then we suggest our:

On Camera Workouts-Wednesday & Saturdays 


Wednesday Lunch Crunch-from 11 am till 2 pm CST or Noon-3 pm EST or 9 am till Noon PST.

Will be Emailed to you upon Booking & Downloadable in a Google Doc for you to choose from 2 weeks before the beginning of each month. 

Select 1 Character & do 2 Different Takes Or 1 Character from 1 scene & 1 from another scene. Upload them to our Vimeo site for Playback & Feedback in Session. 

We viewed over 2,100 Self Taped Auditions in Session in 2022

If your Goal is to Master On Camera Fundamentals with a Step by Step approach to craft out a more competitive Self Taped Audition, then we suggest our:

4 Week On Camera Core Labs

Every Wednesday from 7 pm till 10 pm CST or 8-11 pm EST or 5-8 pm PST. ONGOING

Each week we will focus on our 2 Core Film & TV Scenes which are usually 4-6 pages & will be Posted & Downloadable in a Google Doc 2 weeks before the beginning of the month. 

Core 1-CSI Your Script! 

Everything you need to know is On The Page. 

Who am I? Where am I? How do I Feel? & What do I want? This Core Lab is dedicated to Script Analysis.

Core-2-The 1st Moment is Everything! 

Auditions are Won or Lost within the 1st 10-30 Seconds of a Self Taped Audition. What is your 1st Emotional Moment? What is the 3 Act Structure of the scene? This Core Lab is dedicated to the arc of your On Camera Performance.

Core 3-Mastering the Frame!*

How Do I Create a World within the Frame? Who are my Primary & Secondary Eye Lines & Why? This Core Lab is dedicated to understanding how to maximize the Entire Frame.

Core 4-Creating Worlds on the 4th Wall!!*

How do I create pictures, images & places on the other side of the Camera? How do I bring Nouns to Life with a Specific Point of Focus? This Core Lab is dedicated to bring the Scene To Life.

*These Labs will require you to be 100% Off Book & Submit a Self Tape for Playback & Feedback All Core Labs are limited to Only 6 Participants & Unlimited Observers.

To Schedule & Participate Click here:

To Schedule & Observe Click here:

All our Sessions & Labs are Drop In & Drop Out, you do not have to fully commit to all Labs or Workouts. Come & Learn as you wish. 

Other Services we provide:

Private One On One Coaching 

Off Camera Reader & Coach for your Auditions via Zoom

Viewing your Self Tapes for Feedback

Creating a Career Blueprint 

Implementing a Quarterly Career Action Plan. 

1 Hour Spots from 10 am till 2 pm CST & 30 mins Spots from 2-5 pm CST

To Schedule Click here& Scroll down to Privates

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Live In Person On Camera Workout in Mid City, New Orleans

Saturday 4/1 from 11 am till 2 pm 

Chateau DuMont on Dumaine

Address & Material will be emailed once you Book your spot.

We will use “4 Brand New Scenes in April”. 

Prepare them as you would a Live Audition or Callback, being 100% Off Book & Ready to take Notes or Directions. Choose 1 Scene & 1 Character. 

This Live in Person Workout is designed to Prepare you for Live Audition or Callbacks, with the focus on taking Notes to Adjustments in real time. How do you implement General or Specific Notes to Adjustments? We also watch playback of both your 1st & 2nd Takes as a group.

Participants spots are Limited to 6 people & 2 Observers.

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New 4 Week 2023 TV Plot Core Lab-“The 1/2 Hour Situation Comedy”

Every Wednesday Starting 4/5 from 5-8 pm PST.-7 pm till 10 pm CST or 8-11 pm EST. 

You can Sign Up Now. Once Booked you will be sent the Entire Pilot Script & 4 Scenes from the Pilot. Participants will be playing Multiple Roles throughout the 4 Weeks & the last 2 Weeks will be Self Taped.

Limited to 10 Participants & Unlimited Observers

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Steven Adams Returns with his New 2023 Career Blue Print Workshop

Thursday April 6th from 7-9 pm CST

Join Us for. 2 Hour Career Blueprint Workshop that will singlehandedly change the Course of Your Career. Using his 3 Very Pointed & Specific Questions we will Unlock a Plan, a Map…a Blueprint to Build your Career right from where you are to Where you Want to Be!

Co Founder & Partner at Alta Global Media:


Only $40.00

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