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Crafting Self Taped Auditions with James DuMont

I began doing my On Camera Workouts over 8 years ago in New Orleans. I wanted to create something that I never had as a young actor: a creative on camera workout space to practice & expand my on camera skills…an artistic oasis, a place to stretch, take risks, explore, have fun & learn...An Actors Gym…to help actors prepare to meet the current demands of a same day or even the luxury of a 24 hour turn around for self-taped auditions. Welcome to my On Camera Workout. 

I’ve held my On Camera Workouts Live & In Person in New York City and NYU. In Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Baton Rouge, Charleston, Savannah and now on Zoom. Over the last 4 Years we have viewed & crafted out almost 5000 Self Taped Auditions. In that process, we have built a supportive community of over 1700 actors from 11 countries dedicated to pursuing excellence in On camera work. Come join our On Camera Workout Tribe. You will never audition the same way again!

Why Coach or Study with me & my On Camera Workouts?

15 years of Self Taping in All Markets all over the World. 

I have Booked over 1 Million $$ worth of Work Directly from my Self Taped Auditions. 

30 years as a Professional Working Actor.

I Studied Audition Technique with Tim Phillips & was mentored by him for over 10 years.

I have Worked & Studied with Larry Moss as my Acting Teacher & Coach.

8 Years On Camera Coaching with Proven Tools & Techniques. 

I do over 100 Self Taped Auditions myself each year. 

No one is more Qualified to speak to the day to day ins & outs of the Working Actors Audition Process for Self Tapes than a Real Working Actor. 

James DuMont’s Current Reel & IMDB LInk:

2024 Sizzle & Steak Reel:


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