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Wednesday Core 1-4 Labs

Our Core Lab's are an Industry 1st. Much like your Agent or Manager, we will be providing you with the Entire Script & Audition Scenes to choose from.

Every Wednesday from 7 pm till 10 pm CST, 8-11 pm EST and 5-8 pm PST.

Each week we will focus on Scenes from the Script, which we will break down & craft as a group in Core 1 & Core 2, then Shoot & Upload as a Self Taped Audition in Core 3 & Core 4 for Playback & Feedback.

Please note, this is Confidential material that you Must Not Share,  we have a very strict & legal Material Privacy Policy you must agree to. 

Our TV Core Lab Cycle 

Wednesday's May 8th till May 22nd.

Our May 2024 TV Core Lab will focus on HBO's

"The Last of Us". 

Our June 2024 TV Core Lab will focus on the HBO Pilot of 

"White Lotus".

Core 1-CSI Your Script!

Everything you need to know is On The Page. 

Who am I? Where am I? How do I Feel? & What do I want? This Core Lab is dedicated to Script Analysis. You do not need to be Off-Book for Core 1, as we will work the material as a group.

Core-2-The 1st Moment is Everything!

Auditions are Won or Lost within the 1st 10-30 Seconds of a Self Taped Audition. What is your 1st Emotional Moment? What is the 3 Act Structure of the scene? This Core Lab is dedicated to the arc of your On Camera Performance, so please be very familiar with the material.

Core 3-Mastering the Frame!

How Do I Create a World within the Frame? Who are my Primary & Secondary Eye Lines & Why? This Core Lab is dedicated to understanding how to maximize the Entire Frame. You are expected to be 100% Off-Book & Self Tape for Core 3.

Core 4-Creating Worlds on the 4th Wall!

How do I create pictures, images & places on the other side of the Camera? How do I bring Nouns to Life with a Specific Point of Focus? This Core Lab is dedicated to bring the Scene To Life. You are expected to be 100% Off-Book & Self Tape for Core 4

To Schedule & Participate or Observe Click here:

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