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Wednesday Core 1-4 Labs

Our Core Lab's are an Industry 1st. Much like your Agent or Manager, we will be providing you with the Entire Script & 4 Audition Scenes to choose from.

Every Wednesday from 7 pm till 10 pm CST, 8-11 pm EST and 5-8 pm PST.

Each week we will focus on 4 Scenes from the Script, which we will break down & craft as a group in Core 1 & Core 2, then Shoot & Upload as a Self Taped Audition in Core 3 & Core 4 for Playback & Feedback.

Please note, this is Confidential material that you Must Not Share,  we have a very strict & legal Material Privacy Policy you must agree to. 

In November

Our 4 Week 1 Hour Drama Core Lab Cycle 

Starts Wednesday November 1st-Wednesday November 29th. 

Using a Previously Aired Episode of

City On A Hill.

Core 1-CSI Your Script!

Everything you need to know is On The Page. 

Who am I? Where am I? How do I Feel? & What do I want? This Core Lab is dedicated to Script Analysis. You do not need to be Off-Book for Core 1, as we will work the material as a group.

Core-2-The 1st Moment is Everything!

Auditions are Won or Lost within the 1st 10-30 Seconds of a Self Taped Audition. What is your 1st Emotional Moment? What is the 3 Act Structure of the scene? This Core Lab is dedicated to the arc of your On Camera Performance, so please be very familiar with the material.

Core 3-Mastering the Frame!

How Do I Create a World within the Frame? Who are my Primary & Secondary Eye Lines & Why? This Core Lab is dedicated to understanding how to maximize the Entire Frame. You are expected to be 100% Off-Book & Self Tape for Core 3.

Core 4-Creating Worlds on the 4th Wall!

How do I create pictures, images & places on the other side of the Camera? How do I bring Nouns to Life with a Specific Point of Focus? This Core Lab is dedicated to bring the Scene To Life. You are expected to be 100% Off-Book & Self Tape for Core 4

To Schedule & Participate or Observe Click here:

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