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Welcome to Tune Tuesday’s! 

You have some Choices to make as Tune Up Tuesdays are fast, fun & packed with tools & tips on effective Self Taping Techniques all within 2 hours & it’s only 6 people. 

If you have an Audition you need to work on, email the sides ahead of session to:

We will read it & assign a reader in Session. 

If you don’t have a pressing or current audition, you can upload up to 2 recent or past Self Tapes for Feedback to our secure Vimeo site. Due to time Constraints do not exceed 2 Videos please. Uploading info is below. 

Upon Booking the 4 Scenes for the Month will be Emailed to you. 

Tune Up Tuesday Session which is from 7 pm till 9 pm CST, 8 pm till 10 pm EST and 5 pm till 7 pm PST

Tune Up Tuesday's: About
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